Twitch now allows Partnered Streamers to Simulcast. Or do they? What a JOKE!

There is a clause in the Twitch Partner contract that does NOT allow you to create LIVE content on other platforms. PERIOD. But they recently sent an email saying they would kill that part of the contract and now allow Partners the freedom to create LIVE content on other platforms…but not Facebook and YouTube. Only SHORT FORM sites like TikTok and Instagram. But is that far enough?

I made a video answering this question as I feel like what they did is a joke. Not literally, but figuratively. They want us to THINK they have had a change of heart and don’t want to control their Partners as much, but if you read into this, that is just not the case.

Watch the video and tell me what YOU think in the comments below…

If you want to see it in their FAQ section where they mention the new rules, just CLICK HERE.

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Floyd Fernandez

Looks like twitch’s latest scandals is taking its toll and Twitch is making the false attempt at placating the exodus to other streaming platforms. I’m thinking it’s way too little, way too late!