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How much internet do you need to live stream? Watch this video to find out!


I always say you need a MINIMUM 10MBPS upload if you want to be able to stream close to FULL HD quality. You can, however, stream a great 720 at that…which is what I would do personally if that was all I had. Just call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask them what the BEST upload speed you can get in your area is.

Sometimes try searching Google for Fiber in your area and you might find a provider you didn’t even know about. That happened to me twice. I was able to go from Comcast at 35mbps upload for $119/mo to Frontier with 300MBPS UP and DOWN for $79/mo. Quite a difference.

Centurylink is another fiber provider that’s pretty decent when it comes to internet service…just not so much on customer service or a good website experience. But what they lack in those things, they make up for with pretty reliable internet with NO data caps like Comcast now has.

Let me know in the comments below…what’s your upload speed? If you aren’t sure, head to and run it and post your uploads below!

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