IMPORTANT UPDATE: Free Graphics Limited Time + Other Stuff

What’s going on [pmpro_member field=”first_name”]? Just wanted to give you a quick but important update on a few things. First of all, THANK YOU for becoming a member. I really appreciate it. Please watch the entire video below and then let me know in the comments that you got it and understand what’s going on.

[presto_player id=4126]

Let me know if you don’t see your links in the navigation. Also, BE SURE you are a member of the Creator Community. We will be having lots of discussions over there for sure.

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5 thoughts on “IMPORTANT UPDATE: Free Graphics Limited Time + Other Stuff

  1. Anthony Goodley says:

    I downloaded everything just to have it all and change up my overlays should I desire. Sorry not sorry . 🙂
    I plan and hope to be around here a long time hopefully.

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